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How Your CFP® Puts You First

What the CFP® Designation Means for You

What the CFP® Designation Means for You

When you choose to work with a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), you’re choosing a financial professional who can provide you with personalized, ethical financial planning. As CFPs® we have the education, knowledge and experience to help you navigate complex financial situations and create a comprehensive plan that works for you. We adhere to high ethical standards and, as fiduciaries, will always put your best interests first. The bottom line? You can trust your InTouch Wealth CFP® to approach your financial affairs with the utmost care, competence and integrity.

Honesty, Integrity, Competence, and Diligence

A CFP® is a financial professional who has met rigorous education and experience requirements set by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. We work in compliance with the CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics, which stipulates that we are to work and serve with honesty, integrity, competence and diligence. As our client, this means you can trust that our practices are ethical, our compensation methods are clear and fair, and that we are thorough, knowledgeable and skilled to apply that knowledge in our service to you.

Fiduciary Responsibility

A CFP® is bound to their fiduciary duty, which, simply put, means we will always act in your best interests — no matter what. Under our fiduciary responsibilities fall the duties of loyalty, care and a duty to follow client instructions. Under our duty of loyalty, we put your interests above our own and above those of our firm. With a duty of care, we act with skill, prudence and diligence in light of your specific circumstances and goals. And we will comply with all your reasonable and lawful wishes as our client, abiding by your terms of engagement.

Due Care & Diligence

As fiduciaries, CFP® professionals also act under a duty of care and diligence. We exercise care, skill, prudence and diligence, taking into careful consideration your unique financial goals, risk tolerance and personal circumstances. We will not be negligent of your needs or flippant in our recommendations. As CFPs®, we demonstrate commitment in our work by applying our knowledge, experience and skills to shape thoughtful, responsible recommendations.

Conflicts of Interest

We actively avoid conflicts of interest. If a conflict of interest should arise, we will immediately disclose it and will manage the situation ethically and with transparency. Furthermore, if a conflict of interest does arise, we will continue to act in your best interest and without regard to our own financial or other interests or those of the firm. You, your needs and your best interests come first. Always.

Client Privacy and Confidentiality

A CFP® professional prioritizes the privacy and confidentiality of both current and former clients. This means we may not disclose any non-public personal information except with client permission or under certain legal or law enforcement situations, nor may we use a client’s non-public personal information for our own personal gain, unless the client consents. We also adopt and implement policies to protect the handling of your information, how information is stored and protected, as well as strict policies regarding who we share your information with. In short, we work proactively to protect your privacy.

Professional Conduct

CFP® professionals are held to the highest standards of conduct and must act in a manner that positively represents our profession and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification. This obligation not only extends to how we manage our clients’ affairs, but our own personal and professional affairs as well. We aim to live and work in a way that is worthy of the trust our clients place in us.

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